Application modules

Functional modules of SDL Atlas

The module is a functionally complete part of a program created to solve a specific business problem.

SDL Atlas consists of 9 functional modules:

The composition of the modules in the main menu varies depending on the rights granted to the user. The same user may have different rights for different companies.

Modules "Statistics", "Accidents" and "Reports" are always available for any user, regardless of the granted rights.

The "Map" module in the menu is also always available for selection. However, in the absence of the entire list of necessary rights, some module functions will be unavailable - it will be impossible to obtain information about the current coordinates of the vehicle.

If you do not see the module "Promotion" in the main menu, it means that you do not have enough rights to access this module. In this case, you need to contact technical support for help.

If there is no "Applications" item in the menu list, this also indicates a lack of access rights to the module. Contact technical support. In the available module "Applications", users, in accordance with the granted rights, can work either in view mode or in edit mode.

Modules Fleet and Geofences were added in connection with the expansion of functionality.

The service is based on the principle of grouping vehicles according to some criteria for further monitoring and control using Geofences.

Vehicles are divided into groups in the Fleet module. In groups, you can create your own sets of cars .

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