Module functionality

The built-in functionality of the "Map" module allows you to track the movement of vehicles, monitor in real time the current coordinates of selected vehicles and deviations of drivers from the route.

To get to the "Map" module, click on the "Map" menu item..

To track the current location of one or more vehicles, just left-click in the search bar and mark the positions of interest in the drop-down list.

If necessary, you can search for vehicles. The search is carried out according to the following parameters:

  • group name,

  • state number,

  • vehicle owner's name,

  • VIN,

  • kit number.

The search results are displayed in the following order:

  • found by group name and groups containing found vehicles,

  • found vehicles.

In case of a successful search, the found vehicle will be displayed on the map, taking into account its current real coordinates.

  • OSM Mapbox,

  • Smart Driving Labs Maps.

Zooming on the maps is implemented using the "+" and "-" icons.

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