Vehicle information

Displaying vehicle information on the map

Brief information is available for the found vehicle. It contains the following data:

  • Vehicle make and model,

  • VIN,

  • State number.

General information on the vehicle is displayed on the panel that pops up when you hover over the vehicle icon.

The panel contains the following information:

  • Vehicle owner name,

  • Scoring,

  • Fuel level,

  • Battery charge state,

  • Date of the last event received from the device,

  • Signal quality.

If the vehicle is in motion when viewing the "Map" module, then you will see the status "In motion" and the speed of the vehicle.

The color version of the information plate with vehicle data varies.

Blue information board if the vehicle is moving:

White information plate if the vehicle is stationary:

If the icon of the car itself is gray, it means that the device is not activated:

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