SDL Atlas

Fleet monitoring and management

SDL Atlas is a software, designed to monitor and manage a fleet, based on data received from a telematics device installed in a vehicle. This application allows you to:

  • view real-time fleet data:

    • vehicle routes,

    • fuel level,

    • accident,

    • vehicle location,

  • receive data for each trip:

    • speeding,

    • dangerous manoeuvres,

    • sharp acceleration and deceleration,

    • use time, fuel consumption,

    • speed chart,

    • average driver scoring, depending on various characteristics of driving style, assessment of the driver's driving style with recommendations for its improvement,

  • create and manage geofences by receiving notifications and notifying drivers about deviations in routes,

  • generate reports according to pre-agreed templates to obtain comprehensive statistical information,

  • launch marketing campaigns with notifications for a selected audience,

  • set tasks for installation / removal of telematics equipment, as well as activation / deactivation of telematics system functions.

  • carry out remote monitoring of the technical and functional condition of all vehicles in the fleet for timely maintenance and prompt troubleshooting,

  • receive information about possible accidents.

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