Geofence report

When you select the channels of notifications "Event list", "Push notification" and "E-mail", these events are automatically included in the Geofence Report. If these types of notifications are not selected, but you need to view the history of notifications by geofence, then you must select "Report" in the list of notification types when creating or editing a geofence.

A report is data generated in the form of a table that allows you to view the events history for geofences available to the user.

To view the Geofence Report, go to the Reports module and click the "View" button.

To download the Geofence Report, click the "Download" button.

The Geofence Report for each event displays: geofence duration, geofence schedule, kit number, VIN number of the vehicle, date and time of the event, geofence name, event, date and time of notification, legal entity notification type, e-mail, telephone, If there are notifications to the driver - channel of notifications to the driver, e-mail and phone number of the driver.

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