Module functionality

In the Applications module, the user is given the opportunity to create various types of applications that will be processed by the SDL staff.

If your company's processes involve the creation of requests in this module, then contact the SDL support service to configure this functionality. For example, if you need to install equipment, you can create a corresponding application, which will automatically go to the responsible SDL employee.

When creating a new application, you must click on the "New application" button and select one of the application types:

  • installation,

  • dismantling,

  • activation,

  • deactivation.

The search for the desired application can be performed by VIN or state vehicle number in the "Search" field in the upper right corner of the "Applications" module.

You can filter applications by status and/or type. The default options are All Statuses and All Types.

The current application status is displayed in the far right column in the application list. You can also see the status of an application by clicking on it.

You can make changes to a previously created application by going to the application, clicking on it in the list of applications and clicking the "Edit" button.

To save or cancel the changes made to the application, you must click on the "Save" or "Cancel" button.

To view the changes made to the application by SDL, go to the application by clicking on it in the list of applications. The "History of changes" field will reflect all changes on the application, including comments from SDL.

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