Monitoring option

When the Monitoring option is enabled in the Map module, a subscription is made to all changes in the state of the company's devices to track their current location and movements.

To display on the map the route of movement of one or more vehicles (objects) of the selected company, it is enough to tick the checkboxes of the groups/objects of interest on the search panel on the left.

Switching between different objects to view the route of movement of a particular vehicle is implemented by hovering the cursor over the object of interest on the panel.

The trace of the movement of vehicles is built from the moment the Monitoring option is enabled until it is turned off or the user moves to another section of the application. When the Monitoring option is enabled, other options (Objects, Trips, Events) are disabled automatically and become unavailable.

When you turn off the Monitoring option in the SDL "Atlas" application, the previous state of all other modes (options) is displayed. In the Monitoring mode, the status of vehicles is displayed similarly to the Objects mode: when the ignition is on, the plate with brief information is displayed in blue, and when the ignition is off, it is white.

If the vehicle is not in motion, it is still displayed on the map.

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