Objects, trips, events

Objects, trips, events options

The SDL Atlas app provides 3 options to display data on maps for:

  • objects,

  • trips,

  • events.

The "Objects" option displays the icons of the selected vehicles. The "Trips" option displays track data for the selected period on the map. The "Events" option displays speeding, dangerous maneuvers, sharp turns and braking on the track.

By default, all 3 options are enabled. To view data on trips, select the object/group of objects of interest, period and set options.

For the selected vehicles for the designated time interval, the number of trips displayed in the upper right corner will be calculated.

For each of the trips, you can view detailed information - just hover over the trip / group of trips (the trip / trips will be highlighted in green), left-click and an information panel will appear on the right.

Also, the information panel appears by clicking on the field with the number of trips in the upper right corner:

Click the left mouse button on a trip to view detailed data on it. Hovering over a trip(s) in the list also highlights the trip in green on the map.

Trip data includes:

  • Date and time of the start and end of the trip,

  • Start and end address of the trip,

  • Travel time and mileage,

  • The number of liters of fuel consumed during the trip,

  • The number of events (violations) that occurred during the trip.

Trip details (information on violations) appear when you click on the information block with trip data on the panel on the right:

The following types of violations are recorded in the system:

  • acceleration,

  • speeding,

  • dangerous maneuver (sharp turn),

  • braking.

For each violation, the following is displayed:

  • the date and time the violation occurred,

  • speed (km/h) at which the violation was committed,

  • the address where the violation occurred,

  • violation coordinates.

Clicking on a trip on the panel on the right makes it possible not only to get detailed information on it, but also to highlight the corresponding trip on the map.

The following points are displayed for the selected trip:

  • track start/end points,

  • intermediate points of the track,

  • violation points.

At intermediate points and points of violations, the arrow indicates the direction of movement of the vehicle.

The start and end points of the trip are displayed on the track as circles labeled "A" and "B", respectively.

Violations are highlighted at the corresponding points on the track with an arrow marker, the color and size of which visually differ depending on the type and degree of violations.

When clicking on a violation in the panel on the right, the corresponding violation will be highlighted on the track with an enlarged arrow marker:

If necessary, detailed information on each of the points on the track can also be viewed directly on the map by hovering the mouse cursor over the corresponding point of the trip.

For the start and end points of the trip, the following is displayed: address and date and time.

For waypoints on the track, the following are displayed:

  • address,

  • date and time,

  • coordinates,

  • speed.

For points with violations, the following is displayed:

  • type of violation the address where the violation occurred,

  • the date and time the violation occurred,

  • violation coordinates,

  • the speed (km/h) at which the violation was committed.

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