Module functionality

The Accidents module makes it possible to find out all the details of traffic accidents: the severity of the impact, the speed at the time of the impact, the ignition state at the time of the impact, etc.

The Accidents module provides for the construction of a graph with detailed information on speed and acceleration.

To get to the Accidents module, click on the Accidents menu item.

You can view information on accidents, change the status of accident records (new, in progress, resolved), select accidents that fit a certain number of criteria using filters.

Viewing data on accidents is possible in 2 modes:

  • detailed,

  • short.

For convenience of working with the statuses of accident records, the current status in the drop-down list is highlighted in bold.

You can select accidents with a certain severity using a filter. By default, all possible accident severity levels are highlighted for the records.

To search for accidents for a specific period, select the appropriate time values in the date field.

You can use the search bar to find accident records for a specific vehicle by typing: state number, the name of the owner of the vehicle, VIN number, kit number.

When you click on a record of a specific accident, a window appears with detailed information on the accident and the history of changes.

In the window with detailed information on the accident, you can find the following data: impact severity, speed at impact, the state of ignition at the moment of impact. If, during the analysis of the details of the accident, the severity of the accident is determined by experts to be different from the one that was determined automatically, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments. Correction of the severity of the impact is made by the icon with a pencil.

The following severity levels are available for selection: high, average, insignificant, false.

By clicking on the inscription "Graphs of speed and impact" you can see detailed information about the accident: speed indicators 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the accident, acceleration data that is shown on three axes.

The acceleration graph contains values 3 seconds before and 3 seconds after the crash.

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