Module functionality

The Statistics module allows you to operate with statistical data and make management decisions with their help.

For example, by the average scoring, it is easy to understand how careful the driver is. Having information about the volume of fuel consumption, you can plan the consumption for future periods. A decision can also be made on the need to refuel the vehicle based on the current fuel level data.

To get to the statistics module, click on the "Statistics" menu item.

The Statistics module contains the following blocks:

  1. Driving scoring

  1. Fuel level

  1. Fuel consumption

In the field with a time interval, you can set the period for receiving reporting data (available in two Blocks - “Driving Scoring” and “Fuel Consumption”).

Use the sort field to structure information for a specific task (available for all three blocks).

Vehicle data can be sorted by:

  • activity (date of the last received signal from the block),

  • driver's name,

  • state number,

  • driving scoring.

You can also set forward or reverse sorting using the arrows.

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